Abilities should be in Practice
12:36 PM | Author: setiya
A cutter sharpening his ax to collect wood. A hunting knife sharpening and tightening the bow. A writer whittling a pencil. They all have to update the equipment. They are you and me. This is a simple principle of productivity.

Of course, not many trees would be felled by an ax which was dull and worn. There will be no game that can be conquered by the arcs that have been aged. There is no one word can be written from a broken pencil. So, what should we hone in order to still reach personal life and career full and abundant? You have a body that would erode old age.

Also intelligence

which does not mean much immediately behind the progress of time. Fistful and liver
diburamkan easy conscience by the dust of the world. So we should no care other than that body has always been a comfortable home for the soul.

Nothing we need to hone your mind and skills in addition to always be used to open the door of prosperity.
Well, we have nothing but sharpen the conscience that allows us to hear the song of happiness in this life.

7:08 AM | Author: setiya
Marriage is considered as an important turning point in the life of someone. Every young man or young woman hoping to meet with her dreams. Couples who both became the main goal in life and young people almost "indoctrinated" the importance of finding a good partner for him. But basically, the relationship between men and women do not have a solid foundation in the pagan community in the society whose members do not accept the Quranic way of life. "Friendship" is merely a romantic relationship in which both sexes look for emotional satisfaction. Meanwhile, the marriage is usually based on mutual material advantage. Many women trying to obtain "a successful man" because they expect a high standard of living. With such goals, a young girl can easily accept a loved one as he was not a life partner. In contrast, sought a man in a woman often is "beautiful face".

But pagan community perspective ignores a very important fact: all the material value will eventually crushed. God can take back one's wealth in an instant. Similarly, only takes a few seconds to lose a beautiful face. For example, if we are every day to go and return to work in big cities, whenever we can get an accident that may leave permanent scars, and terrible in the face. Meanwhile, the time cause damage beyond repair to health, strength, and our beauty. Under what conditions can not be predicted like that, what the consequences of a system based purely materialistic values? For example, imagine a man who married a woman just because she was impressed by the beautiful appearance. What would think if the woman's face was badly damaged in an accident? Will he leave her when he began to appear wrinkles on her face? The answer no doubt will reveal materialistic rationale makes no sense.

A marriage becomes valuable when intended solely to achieve the pleasure of Allah. If not, the marriage will be a burden both in this world and in nature afterward. If you are not in this world, people will eventually understand in the Hereafter, that this is not the proper way for the human soul. However, it was too late; penghisaban day, he would make his wife, who close to him in this world, as a ransom for her safety. The horror of that day will make all the connections in the world is losing meaning. God gave a detailed narrative about the relationship between family members the next day in the following paragraph

They were looking at each other. Infidels had he wanted to redeem from the punishment of the day with his children, and his wife and his brother, and kindred who sheltered. (Surat al MA'AARIJ: 11-13)

It is clear from this verse that humans no longer be tied to the interests of any woman, friend, brother or female, penghisaban day. In their attempts desperately to be rescued, any person willing to make a close family or relatives as a ransom for their own safety. Moreover, these people will be cursing because they do not have to remind each other about such a horrible end. In the Qur'an, said of Abu Lahab who received punishment for eternity in hell with his wife:

Perish the hands of Abu Lahab and indeed he will perish. It is not beneficial to him their possessions and what they earn. Later he would enter into a turbulent flame. And his wife, carrying firewood. Which a rope around his neck from the fiber. (Surat al-Masad, 111: 1-5)

Type of marriage acceptable to God is based on the criteria completely different. Contrary to the usual wedding in pagan society, where people do not heed the will get the pleasure of Allah, the criterion is not money, fame, or beauty, but a marriage is intended to achieve the pleasure of Allah. For the believers, the only criterion is piety, that is' away from all that is forbidden, did everything they were told, and fear Allah. Similarly, a believer can only marry someone who showed full obedience to God. The people find peace and happiness in this marriage. Here is a verse that has to do with this:

And among the signs of His power is that He created for you wives of your own kind, so that you tend to be and feel reassured him, and made him among you a sense of love and affection. Verily in this is truly there are signs for those who reflect. (Surat ar-Rum, 30: 21)

With the devotion of the bonds only, the believers will surely get a good life in the Hereafter Day. When they would warn each other of virtue and guiding each other to heaven throughout their lives, they also will be close friends forever. Their relationship is as depicted below:

And those who believe, men and women, some of them to be helpers to each other. They sent a ma'ruf, preventing from the evil, establish the prayer, give to charity and they obey Allah and His Messenger. They will be given by God's mercy for Allah Almighty, the Wise. (Surat At-Tauba, 9: 71)